What is Shojin Ryori

Shojin Ryori is a vegetarian cuisine which is based mainly on rice, soybean products (e.g. tofu), seaweed, mushrooms and seasonal fresh vegetables and originaly has been eaten by Buddhist monks.

Now, it is frequently served in restaurants, located near to Zen temples and can also be served at the temples in Japan.Many amazing cooking techniques are unique and some of the dishes are not available at an ordinary Japanese restaurant.

Course outcome

This hands-on workshop introduces you to shojin ryori and having the results for lunch.
The workshop also is covered

  • Philosophy/Concept of the Shojin ryori.
  • Nutrition value of eating the Shojin ryori.
  • General correct dining etiquette covered a range of situation from casual to fine dining.
  • Background of traditional & modern Japanese culture

How is class run

Introduction to very basic typical Japanese ingredients. Practical demonstration. Make small groups to involve more cooking experience Final testing lunch

  • Duration; approx. 3hours Venue: Gojyuan at Balmain
  • Cost: $80/person Item to bring: Apron, 2 tea towels, Pen, Take away container