Cooking Book Eating with Zen Wisdom

Cooking Book Eating with Zen Wisdom

An exploration and presentation of vegan Buddhist temple food recipes by the daughter of a Japanese temple priest, Sumi Saikawa.
A beautiful book featuring quality food photography and easy to follow
description of ingredients and methods.


About the book

I was born in a Zen temple in the city of Kobe Japan. My temple serves the Shojin yori (temple cuisine) to visitors and worshippers all the time. Helping in the temple and having shojin ryori so close to me since my childhood inspired me.

Temple food is very similar to the vegan foods which have no animal products, eggs and dairy, also some of the following can not be used, for example some specific vegetables such as shallots, garlic and onion.

Temple foods uses lots of unique cooking techniques, that create the foods which are tasty, rich and nutritious without animal protein products.

There is a section about ”Zen Buddhism and diet “ which introduces the philosophy of the connection of foods and our body and soul.




This cookbook contains 42 recipes and 7 most useful and tasty sauces. In particular most of these sauces which you could keep in the fridge for a long time, are repeatedly used in the book, so once you prepare the sauces beforehand, you could make the dish instantly.

There are no artificial and chemical ingredients, just natural ingredients, and seasonings.

They are categorized into basic preparation, glossary, staple foods, main dishes, side dishes, soup, and pickles. So it is easy to pick up what you want to cook.

All recipes have individual photos for final products also 2 or 3 process photos as well. So you can easily follow them.


Everyone can use this book

This book is useful for everyone even if they are not vegetarian or vegan. Nowadays, many people are not taking enough vegetables or plant based protein foods such as soy bean products, legume or nuts even if they know they are good for you.

The reasons might be

  • Some people are busy and don’t have enough time to cook the vegetables.
  • Some people make the same vegetable recipes over and over and get bored
  • Some people think vegetables are tasteless compared with animal products.

Most of the recipes in this book are

  • -Very simple and something different.
  • -give you an experience of Japanese flavours at home.
  • -available using the vegetables which you have in the fridge.



1. How many recipes are inside? 

  • recipes and 7 most useful and tasty sauces!

2. What type of recipes are they?

All vegan dishes Including vegetables, seaweeds, nuts, tofu and other soy bean products.

Individual dishes are simple and straightforward. They can be everyday dishes or entertainment dishes.

-Japanese flavour – all recipes are based on traditional Japanese flavour.


3. Does every recipe have photo? 

All recipes have individual photos for final products also 2 or 3 process photos as well. So you can easily follow them.


4. What are the measurements used in the book?

All recipes are Australian measurement standards, i.e. 1 cup is 250ml, 1TBS (table spoon) is 20ml, and 1tsp(tea spoon) is 5ml.

Please adapt if you don’t have these above measuring instruments.

  • A4 size horizontal
  • 86 pages
  • softcover with mat coating
  • Full colour


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